About Us

Hanumant Jeev Ashray is an organisation working for the welfare of injured stray animals. Our purpose is to provide with all the necessary care to those animals who are left injured and unattended roadside.

Our services are not only limited to care of injured animals but also we have extended our efforts to provide support to homeless and needy people. Our work has been praised by many dignitaries but none of them came forward to help us.

By providing a number which responds to the call of people who find any injured unattended animal, we inspire an action in the community. We have our self-made ambulance which reaches out to injured animals and brings the injured to our place if needed. We have a van for those people who lack funds to take dead bodies to the cremation grounds. All services provided by us are free of cost.

Due to the shortage of funds, we organise events such as sundarkands to collect funds from the public. A lot of people have come forward to contribute us to our noble cause. However, this contribution has been nominal keeping in mind the intensity of work. Government dignitaries have turned a blind eye and this initiative requires mass cooperation. We invite you to join hands with us in order to assure a better future for these creatures.

Founder and Chairman– Akhilesh Chandra Awasthi (9838071783, 8005228833)

Ground Team– Golu Sahoo (9140221536), Ajay Yadav (9651413137), Navneet Awasthi (7897977378), Harish Pandey (9651384408), Himanshu Awasthi (9889296370), Nishant Bajpai (9889837912)

Online Team– Dheeraj Awasthi (8960135151), Sahil Sharma- Blogging Surgeon, Shrivats Awasthi (9616634168)