The story behind Hanumant Jeev Ashray

The purpose of this blog is to make you familiar with the works of a person who has devoted his daily life in the service of injured animals.

The person you are seeing in picture is my father- Shri Akhilesh Chandra Awasthi who is a passionate animal-lover.

He runs an NGO named Hanumant Jeev Ashray in Unnao where accidental animals are brought in and treated. He resigned from his post of Bureau Chief (Rashtriya Sahara, Unnao) to serve the injured animals.



He deals with dead bodies of animals daily. Here is a photo of two dead animals(one is a dog and the other one is jackal):

Here are few more pictures which will surely touch your heart:

Recently he came home naked in night and we were very anxious to see what had happened to him. He told that he jumped into the drainage to save a drowning cow:

Recently he came up with an idea of preventing accidents by wrapping radium strips on animals:

As he moved in his journey, he saw many other difficulties. He adopted one of beggars from road and treated her as his mother:

Education and medical treatment of a girl with 100% disability having no hands and legs was also funded:

With the help of few other people involved in this charity work, he made up a van for those people who lack funds to take the dead body to the cremation grounds:

We have a self-made ambulance which brings the injured animals at our place:

But the irony of our society is that we don’t give importance to such people who are willing to give everything. Politicians who take vote in the name of change never give a damn. They visit our place and leave with promises which are never fulfilled.

Law Minister of UP (Mr. Brijesh Pathak):

Former Congress MP, Unnao: (Smt. Annu Tandon):

Present controversial MP of Unnao (Sakshi Maharaj):

BJP MLA, Unnao(Kuldeep Singh sengar):

I still have a long list of politicians who come with promises but never deliver them.

We lack funds so my father came up with an idea of public funding. Thanks to the people of our city who are better than these politicians and are actively funding us regardless of religion.

My father organises sundarkand (part of ramayana) in order to receive funds. There are almost 10-15 sundarkands organised every week.

But, let me tell you about my father, he is a very versatile person. I recently counted the awards which are at home and they are 64 in number and there are other awards which he doesn’t bring home. He has received these awards in the field of poetry, journalism and charity work.

Well, I couldn’t resisit myself uploading this picture which is my favorite:

So, if any of you want to contribute to the noble causes of our organisation, we are open to funds on paytm number which is 8960135151.

Bank account details-

Bank name- Punjab National Bank

Acc. No.- 6263002100000941

IFSC Code- PUNB0626300

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