Sad story of “Dhulli”

The calf you are seeing in picture is ‘Dhulli‘. She was raised at Hanumant Jeev Ashray. It was due to the reason that the mother of this calf was not able to milk. We had no other option but to raise her by feeding her through bottle. Not even a single time she had been fed by her mother. Fortunately, she grew up to be one of the healthiest cows at our place.

She was donated today. A person came from a nearby village and asked to take Dhulli with her. We had no other option but to donate her because she cannot be kept with the injured and unhealthy animals.

Let me tell you the saddest part. When she was being loaded, she resisted so much that we had to use the force of almost 3-4 people. Also, after being loaded, she was constantly trying to look back but could not because she was tied. It was as if she was asking us not to let her go.

Almost everyone who was present there had water in his eyes. Everyone was so attached to her that we never thought of letting her go like this.

But, whatever happens, happens for the best. We wish healthy life for her ahead.

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